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CITA Membership

Exclusive Member Services

Members are those who contract with CITA H-2A services to process H-2A petitions before the government and deliver workers to the employers’ doorstep.

In addition to managing the entire petition and worker delivery processes, we provide a wide range of services and information to our members to help you succeed each and every year with your strong, productive workforce.

These exclusive services are provided on our many years and well-rounded experience with government, farmers and workers alike. They are what make us your most advantageous service provider, hands down.

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Let’s get these boots on the ground!

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Compliance Assistance

Our services point towards simple and straightforward compliance with the rules governing the H-2A program, saving you much stress and many thousands of dollars. We make it easier!

Resource Links – We do the Research for You!

To help keep your H-2A experience simple and manageable, we provide specific links and resources for help & information pertaining to the program.

Training & Education for Workers

We make every effort to educate every H-2A worker so they understand how to prosper their families by supporting your business.

Service Guarantee

CITA extends a 100% money back guarantee on our U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) petition services if your petition is not certified by the USDOL for reasons of CITA’s failure to act or improper actions on the USDOL petition


Spanish Language Translation

Spanish translations of forms, signs, documents and other material can be made available on request. We can also interpret over the phone in some circumstances.



Our monthly newsletter contains subjects of interest, importance and encouragement to farmers and other interested recipients.

Training & Education for Staff

We provide training and support before, during and after your contract to those who manage your payroll, line supervision and management to help reduce stress and increase success in your workforce stabilization efforts.


Reminder Service

Timely reminders to make sure you meet program deadlines and are aware of actions to be taken to keep you in compliance.

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