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ALERT: 2020 and Early 2021 Petitions Are Now Being Filed. It takes a good 90 - 120 days to process H-2A petitions.

If you will need workers any time during the season, please contact us now for important  information.

Our overriding mission is to help farmers and their workers prosper together.
Industrial H-2A
The federal H-2A program allows farmers to bring seasonal or temporary guest workers into their farms to work any stage of crop and animal care not requiring a year-round presence.
Our expertise and personal commitments help understaffed farmers and farm labor contractors obtain and retain a viable workforce season after season, year after year.
CITA guides farmers and their workers through the government permission process. We provide expert, guaranteed H-2A petition services and offer a 100% refund on the petition fees if your petition is not approved due to an error on our part.
Quality of Life & Financial Prosperity
Our desire to help improve the quality of life of farmers and their workers has inspired our belief that we can somehow help restore America’s agricultural workforce, one farm and one worker at a time.
Farm Work H-2A
Lettuce Harvest H-2A

What could this mean for farmers?

  • A willing and able workforce.
  • More productive workers, allowing them more time to fulfill market contracts.
  • Workers who arrive and leave on time, willing to work a full day for a full day’s pay.
  • The gift of knowing they can have the same trained and trusted workers return each season.
  • The ability to help others living in extreme poverty to prosper by offering them work.
  • The ability to enjoy their own families as the stress connected to a dwindling workforce fades away.

What could this mean for workers?

  • A smooth transition from their homeland to their workplace in the U.S.
  • The assurance that we will help them resolve any issues that arise such as family emergencies at home, feelings of lonliness, or simply needing a language translation.
  • The means to help their own families prosper in their homeland.
  • The peace of mind that they are obtaining legal work in the U.S. through legal means.
H2-A Worker Success
Put Us To The Test!
Through Our Service and Resource Center We:

  • Provide expert guaranteed H-2A petition services
  • Deliver legal, willing and able farm workers to employers’ worksites
  • Provide worker productivity, work ethic and other training opportunities
  • Coach farmers to manage responsibilities and compliance with the rules that govern the program
  • Provide a wealth of services and information to help farmers and their workers succeed through our Members’ Resource Center
Our ‘over-the-top’ commitment is to run alongside businesses that need experience, knowledge and integrity to help them grow and succeed.

Questions? Contact us today.