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CITA Advantage


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The principal advantage to working through CITA is the commitment we hold toward every farmer and worker we serve.

From this has comes the expertise that allows us to guarantee every petition we submit. Our nearly 30 years of combined experience have given us the well-rounded perspective of government, of the worker leaving home to work for extended periods of time, the concerned then grateful farmer and his family, and the communities who welcome these much needed workers that allow farmers to continue to feed our world.


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CITA works in all 50 U.S. states and in all regions of Mexico. We run alongside every business to ensure all is understood and planned for. We do virtually all of the work to process the State and Federal petitions once the needed information is obtained.

Our comprehensive one-stop program works through personal consultation, communication, instruction, monitoring and best practices.

Our Members’ Resource Center offers important and exclusive information available to download at any time. Everything from templates for H-2A compliant forms, contracts and checklists to a newsletter, legislative updates that may affect agriculture, program regulations, and so much more.

Call our staff today at 928-271-2619 to see just how competent and committed we are to help get your workforce needs met.

For farmers who are contemplating using farm labor contractors, we try to meet with both parties jointly via conference calls or in person before committing to the H-2a petition process. This is to help both parties understand the full scope of benefits and avoid unnecessary problems or costs. Call Jesse today for more information.

Worker Advantages

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Your workers experience lots of adjustments when they leave their home and come to work in a foreign country. They are prepared according to the employers’ instructions before leaving the homeland to make sure transitions are smooth for everyone.

They come ready, willing and able to help the farmer. When they come through CITA, they have the assurance that we will help you and them resolve any issues that arise, such as an emergency at home, attack of loneliness, a misunderstanding or simply a need for a specific translation.

Our staff is at their and your command when it comes to problem-solving and restoring a viable workforce to sustain your business.

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Workforce Development

Our Workforce Development Team works within our International Employment & Family Support Centers in Mexico to register candidates, orient and train them for successful work contracts in the United States.

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Personal Attention

Each worker is a member of C.I.T.A. at absolutely no charge, and receives the personal attention they deserve so they will understand the best way to serve their employer.

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Logistics & Travel

We arrange and monitor all travel and logistics from the worker’s home to the U.S. Consulate and transport to the employers’ door. We make arrangements for Visas, appointments, transportation, food and lodging.

Service & Pricing Policies

Our overriding mission is to help employers and their workers prosper together. Our service and pricing policies are designed to help meet that end.

CITA serves as an Agent on behalf of companies of every size in many states across the nation. We represent farmers, farm labor contractors and agri-business entities before the U.S. government, specifically the U.S. Department of Labor, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the U.S. Department of State, and the State Workforce Agencies of the locations where the workers will live and work.

As Agents, we have no ownership interest in any company we represent, nor do we make any operational decisions for any company.

Our services and resources are highly focused on each stage of the petition process.  Our competitively priced fees are tied into our own performance.

Fees are broken into a two-part payment schedule, and we offer a 100% refund on the petition fees if your petition is not approved due to any error or omission made by us.

Contact us for an estimate and timeline of potential expenses involved in the H-2A petition process. Comparing them to the cost savings and increased productivity of your stable workforce, we know you will find them very reasonable indeed.